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CNL is focused on the Democratization of Investments®, providing individual investors1 the opportunity to access alternative asset classes by designing products with a combination of growth and income return strategies in the private investment market. CNL continues to explore alternative investment options, seeking to offer diverse products to fit the ever-changing needs of investors. Financial professionals can view the prospectus and risk factors or PPM and request a meeting with a CNL Securities wholesaler to learn more about our current offerings.

Investors must review the fees and expenses in the prospectus or PPM, as there are substantial costs associated with the current offerings.

1 Alternative investments are not suitable for all investors.

CNL Strategic Capital

CNL Strategic Capital is a company that owns private companies and seeks to provide long-term growth and monthly income to individual and institutional investors.

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CNL Sprott Strategic Asset Fund

CNL Sprott Strategic Asset Fund is a new alternative investment product from CNL that seeks to invest in gold-related assets that align with its income and growth strategy.  

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Closed Offerings

The following offerings are closed to new investments.


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives, business operations and the financial markets. To an extent CNL Healthcare Properties has been impacted by the pandemic and ongoing information is provided in the SEC filings. As the uncertainties and economic impacts from COVID-19 continue to evolve, CNL Healthcare Properties will continue to closely evaluate liquidity options based on the prevailing environment.

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To meet with a CNL Securities regional vice president, registered representatives must have an active selling agreement. Registered investment advisors may request a meeting with a CNL Securities regional vice president at any time. We encourage financial professionals to contact CNL Securities' Client Services at 855-209-5234 with any questions or comments. CNL products are exclusively available through participating selling firms. Prospective investors may contact their financial professional to determine if investing in a CNL Securities sponsored product is suitable for them.