Advisor Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver value to the IBD and RIA communities, we offer an education program created specifically for financial professionals and their clients. These resources are designed to help educate investors on alternative investments and strengthen financial professional knowledge in this distinctive category.

CNL Alternative Institute

The CNL Alternative Institute was created to provide customized solutions ranging from education to practice management through three key pillars.

  • Education information on demand
  • Presentations, speakers and facilitators
  • Retreats, workshops and client events

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About Alternative Investments

The term alternative investments covers a broad range of investment options outside of traditional stocks, bonds and cash equivalents to diversify the performance of traditional investment strategies. Learn more about how alternatives can offer portfolio diversification and potentially enhance returns.

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What Is Private Capital?

Private equity has experienced strong performance over the past 20 years. Yet most individuals have been investing the majority of their portfolio in publicly traded securities due to lack of access to private equity. Now, a new investment strategy adopts some risk-mitigating features and, for the first time, makes private equity available for individual investors. Learn more about this unique investment strategy, private capital.

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