How To Invest

Thank you for your interest in our alternative investment solutions. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact their financial advisor to find out if investing in a CNL Securities sponsored product is suitable for them.

CNL products are exclusively available through select broker-dealer firms. Financial advisors signed on to sell a CNL product through their broker-dealer, should review the prospectus and any accompanying supplements related to the investment product(s) being considered.

If your broker-dealer is not signed on to any of our products, please contact our Key Accounts team at 855-209-5235 for more information.

To subscribe to shares:


Confirm that your client meets the suitability standards described in the Prospectus.


Complete and execute the subscription agreement.


Submit the signed executed subscription agreement with a check for the full purchase price of the shares.

Suitability Standards:

  • $250,000 net worth (excluding home, furnishing and personal automobiles)
  • Or $70,000 net worth and $70,000 annual gross income (AL, CA, IA, ID, KS, KY, MA, ME, MI, MO, ND, NE, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN and TX have additional standards. See the suitability standards section of the Prospectus.)

Things to note:

  • Certain participating broker-dealers who have "net capital," as defined in the applicable federal securities regulations, of $250,000 or more may instruct their customers to make their checks for shares for which they have subscribed payable directly to them.
  • Partnerships, individual fiduciaries signing on behalf of trusts, estates, and in other capacities, and persons signing on behalf of corporations and corporate trustees may be required to provide additional documents to participating broker-dealers. We may reject any subscription in whole or in part, regardless of whether you meet the minimum suitability standards.
  • Individuals must initially invest at least $5,000. Qualified plans must initially invest at least $4,000. If you have previously invested $5,000/$4,000, as applicable, in this offering you may purchase additional shares in $10.00 increments.
  • Certain states have higher suitability standards for their residents. Investors must meet these respective suitability standards in order to invest with us.

Please see the Prospectus for a complete list of defined terms and discussion of the risks associated with the offering.


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