Evaluating Non-traded BDCs

Learn several key factors to consider when evaluating a non-traded business development company as an investment option that complements other income-oriented assets.

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Greater transparency for investors

Thomas K. Sittema, chief executive officer for CNL Financial Group, answers questions about FINRA Regulatory Notice 15-02 | Learn More

Earning confidence from financial advisors for more than 30 years

With CNL Securities, confidence in the future comes from experience in the past | Watch Our Video

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Investment Offering

CNL Securities has a history of providing access to alternative investment solutions that help financial advisors meet their clients’ needs. View prospectus.

More than 30 years Experience in Alternative Investments

For more than 30 years, financial advisors have turned to CNL Securities, a managing dealer, for alternative investments, because we have both pioneered and innovated how these investments can be structured in today's retail investors' portfolios.

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